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Objective of backgammon

Backgammon is a two-person game, where both players receive 15 checkers each, and a set of dice, which determines the rolls. At the start of the backgammon game, the checkers are setup on each side of the board, which is the start point of the game. Before the game begins, the players roll the dice and the player with the highest number showing on the dice starts the round. If the players roll the dice and both players land on the same number a re-roll begins and the highest number showing on a dice starts the round. This starts the game, which the player will then move his checkers the numbers showing on the dice. If it is a double, then the players rolls twice the amount the dice are showing. During the game, the players roll their dice to move. If the player receives a doublet he is allowed to move four checkers decided on the number of dice showing.

The objective then is for each player to reach the home board with all fifteen checkers which bears off the opponent. The player first bearing off on the board is the winner of the game.

The moves

During the games, the checkers are moved in opposing directions. After rolling the dice the number showing determines pips moved. The checker however can only move to the front, or forward. If a checker is not on the point where the player moves his checker, thus he receives a point. If the players move is occupied by his own checker, thus he gets a point. If the one checker is on the point then it is a hit and a point is given to the player.

Separate Moving

Dice rolls separate the number of moves. In other words, if the player rolls a three on one dice and a one on the other dice he moves one-checker three points and the other checker one point and/or pip.

During the game of backgammon, you have points, pips, hits, bars, checkers, and the like. All of these represent something special in the game, and knowing the meaning can help you to win the games during tournaments. For instance, if you move and a player has only one checker on the point, thus you can hit him, and place the checker on the bar. This means the opponent has only the right to move checkers on the bar at this point.

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