What is The Price of Fixing Your Sump Pump?

By Collin Eaton, FuelFix.com, October 13, 2022

A sump pump is a technology that has been commonly used for many years now. Homeowners choose them to prevent molding or any other issues caused by excessive humidity. They have proven to be extremely efficient in dealing with floodwaters and other disasters that can harm your building and lead to massive distractions.

However, purchasing and installing one is unlikely to keep you on the safe side, you must also take care of your sump pump system in order to rely on it. Bad conditions can cause a wide range of problems starting with weak pumping performance and finishing with unexpected shutdowns. Naturally, keeping it in good condition comes at a price, but it is the one you should consider paying. Depending on the kind of sump pump you are utilizing you will have to pay something between $400 and $550 for sump pump repair Chicago.

The Cost and Types
Frankly speaking, we can distinguish two kinds of sump pumps: submersible and pedestal ones.


This specific type is recognizable by the fact that the motor is not on the bottom but rather above the level of water, whereas the drawtube is beneath it. They are much simpler and installing them does not require much effort, so, consequently, pedestal pumps are cheaper. Another benefit is that keeping the motor dry gives it extra longevity you will appreciate.

On the other hand, the pumping power is usually a bit lower than you would expect from submersible systems.

Fixing a pedestal system will cost you around $400-$475.


This kind of system is easy to distinguish as all parts are on the bottom and, therefore, waterproof. They are much more popular than the previous type, probably because of their reliability. Also, they take up less space, which is also a plus. They are usually more expensive than pedestal ones and do not always work for so long, but their pumping capacities are much more impressive. You can pay $475 to $550 or more to fix your submersible sump pump. What Influences The Price?

The Kind of Pump

It is important how much time and effort the process requires and some systems may be easier to work with than others.It is important how much time and effort the process requires and some systems may be easier to work with than others.

How Old Your System Is

No matter if you are using an expensive pump or a cheap one, it is very unlikely to work well for more than seven years. Odds are that it will break down soon after.
Of course, pedestal pumps may have a longevity of up to ten years, but you can never be sure. The price you have to pay depends on how old your system is, because older models may have some parts that are hard to find a replacement for. Also, they may simply require more work.

The Kind of Problem

It is obvious that a small issue caused by neglect will be cheaper to fix than a massive breakdown or a motor replacement. In some cases, the professional needs to do hard physical work and will, therefore, ask for bigger pay.


Sump pumps require connection to GFCI outlets and can have poor performance in case there is a problem with electricity. Electricians that help you fix it may need to deal with wiring and other issues and it can cost around $140 to $160 per unit.
Issues That Commonly Appear


One of the small issues that are relatively easy to deal with is loosening the float. It is responsible for turning the pump off and on when necessary and reacts to the level of water.

Float Switch

You can often fix this problem yourself - the float can get stuck or broken and, therefore, not function properly. You can easily buy a new one in one of your local stores.

Inoperable Impeller

Unfortunately, debris sometimes jams the impeller, which is responsible for driving the water. Fixing it usually requires a difficult process of removing the pump from the pit.

Maintaining Your Sump Pump

Do not forget that taking good care of your sump pump is just as important as installing it well or fixing it properly.

  • Unplug your system.
  • Take the cover off.
  • Take the sump pump out.
  • Disconnect the check valve.
  • Use a piece of cloth and water to clean the environment thoroughly.
  • Take care of the inlet screen.
  • Delicately oil the system, but first, check the manufacturer's recommendations regarding this.
  • Put everything back the way it was once all the parts are clean and all the replaceable elements are replaced.

The Price of Replacing Your Sump Pump

Depending on what kind of problem you are facing and how long you have been using your sump pump, it may be reasonable to consider replacing it with a new one. Often this solution can be even cheaper.
Replacing a pedestal pump is between $400 and $900, usually around $650. Submersible ones will cost between $800 and $2,000 if you opt for replacement. Normally around $1,400.

Where Can You Find Someone For This Work?

You should always look for a professional who specifies in working with sump pumps, like https://excellentplumbingus.com/. Of course, an average plumber can help you too, but only if you have a minor issue.