Safeguarding Water in the Barnett Shale

Protecting the water in North Texas is non-negotiable. And every producer in the Barnett Shale takes this responsibility with the seriousness it deserves. By applying proven practices with the latest technologies and highest quality materials, each ensures North Texas’ water remains clean and safe.

Only 5% of North Texas residents use groundwater as their primary source for fresh water. In the Barnett Shale region, the Trinity Aquifer is the main provider of groundwater and never extends more than 1,000 feet below the surface. For comparison, the average depth of a drilling site in North Texas is approximately 1.5 miles below the surface and is separated from the aquifer by thousands of feet of impermeable rock.

To ensure the safety of the aquifer, a heavily reinforced protective casing is used to separate the wellbore from its surroundings. This casing is set to a minimum distance of 50 – 1000 feet below the aquifer and is made up of seven layers:

  1. Conductor Casing
  2. Cement, sealing conductor casing in place
  3. Surface Casing
  4. Cement, sealing surface casing in place
  5. Production Casing
  6. Cement, sealing production casing in place
  7. Tubing